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From Catania to Palermo

4-day tour starting from Catania “the black city”, up to the Arabian Palermo. An itinerary that cuts the island in two, starting from the Ionian Sea up to the Tyrrhenian Sea, crossing the hinterland, to discover the purest and most authentic Sicily.

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Tour Description

The tour will begin from our office Etnatribe. The itinerary starts crossing the plain of Catania, the most extended lowland of Sicily, considered as one of the most fertile ground of the mediterranean sea. We will pass the areas of Sferro, little inhabited center of about fifty people and Catenanuova, where we advice a little stop in a typical bakery to try the delights of our island. The last climb will take us up to Regalbuto, small village of ancient origins that has a spectacular view of Mount Etna and the surrounding mountains.  

Distance and elevation gain: 64,3 Km (about 40 miles) – 780 m (d+)  

The second stop is a little shorter as a distance but it’s characterized by some considerable and quite challenging climbings. Once we leave our accomodation, we will cross the village of Regalbuto, admiring its marvellous churches and monuments. We will descent towards Pozzillo Lake and cycle on a little path along the shore of the lake. After this, we will start to go up and down some cultivated fields and farms that will take us to the village of Nicosia, “City of 24 barons”full of Churches and noble palaces, also known for its pastries and ice-creams.  

We will continue towards the west direction, leaving Nicosia and reaching Sperlinga after a few kilometers. This is a little rupestrian village located on a imposing rocky spur. Most of its magic comes from its distinctive houses dig within the rock, the ruins of the castle and the typical dialect spoken by the inhabitants. We will leave the province of Enna to reach the one of Palermo arriving in Gangi: authentic medieval village awarded as the most beautiful in Italy in 2014. The visit here is optional, just for the most audacious ones that will decide to climb up Barone Mount, where the village is built. Following the panoramic “120 State Road”, we will head to Madonie Mountains, “Sicilian Appennines”, until we’ll reach Polizzi Generosa, medieval town full of traditions that will welcome you with the warmth of its inhabitants.  

The last stop of this trip will be quite long and mainly characterized by downhills and plains. Our descent starts leaving Polizzi Generosa and going towards the sea. Following the Tyrrhenian coastline we will continue going up and down until we get to the magnificent Palermo.    

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